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Security Assured HIPAA-compliant Managed Security, I.T. support, and compliance consulting for serious companies.

I.T. Monitoring & Management

Are devices, alerts, procedures, and policies proliferating out of control? We bring order to the chaos. We keep your I.T. infrastructure healthy, organized, and fully compliant with your corporate and statutory security requirements.

Instant Onboarding Onboarding has never been easier. After first boot, install a small software agent on a new computer it will install applications, configure preferences and policies, and make your new employee’s first day (and your I.T. department’s life) much smoother!
Inventory Tracking Finance personnel have never fallen in love with you… until now. Easily track fleet inventory and hardware/software configurations with hundreds of data points. Ease the pain of the annual budget process by quickly identifying candidates for a fleet refresh… years in advance!
Proactive Maintenance Monitoring Keep your computers and servers productive and safe, and learn about problems before they arise. We’ll monitor fleet details like backup status, malware protection status, hard drive capacity, disk errors, logic board and RAM health, battery charge capacity, and more.
Standard Operating Procedures Keep your systems organized and secure! We’ll draft and implement procedures for employee on- and off-boarding, computer procurement, and equipment disposal. As a separate engagement, we’ll draft critical security documents like your Acceptable Use Policy. (This Dish only available when combined with Unlimited Remote Support, below.)
Third-Party App Deployment Keep your configurations standardized by ensuring all the same applications are installed on all devices. From a centralized console, we’ll push applications and configurations to all your computers (or a subset you specify). Streamline onboarding, and easily update devices already deployed in the field.
Unlimited Remote Support It’s hard to make Help Desk sexy… unless the people answering the phone are hired specifically because they have high Emotional I.Q.’s, deep empathy skills, and naturally live by our team’s core value to Give a S**t. (Oh yeah, they might be handsome too… videochat?) We’ll be a rock-solid remote resource to your team whether they’re at the office, telecommuting, or playing Road Warrior!

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IT Monitoring & Management

Call us at (415) 854-0881 or fill out the form above.

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