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Email Security

It’s not just about keeping your Inbox uncluttered. Email is the delivery vector for numerous security threats, including phishing attacks and compliance violations. From gateway to endpoint, our Email Security toolkit keeps threats out and keeps your data in.

Anti-Phishing Filter Stop phishing emails before they hit your team’s inboxes. We utilize the industry’s most popular, most effective phishing detection filters to trash those suckers before anybody realizes they even exist. Your team will blink in amazement when they read headlines of other companies falling prey!
Anti-Ransomware Shield Yes, Virginia, you can protect against the blight of ransomware! Our anti-ransomware software monitors your computers for suspicious encryptions. When it detects any, it grabs a copy of the original file and then stops the encrypting process in its tracks. Now you can rest easy that you won’t be another victim in tomorrow’s headlines.
Quarterly Phishing Simulation & Training The biggest security hole is often human error. We’ll send out monthly phishing simulation emails to your teams, disguised as regular messages. If anybody falls for the ruse, they’ll immediately be enrolled in one of 20 training modules. We’ll provide metrics on who took the bait and the training, so you can identify who on your team needs security education and support.
Web Threat Detection Complement traditional anti-malware protection by leveraging the data of one million Internet requests per second through global traffic analysis. Automagically identify and squash emerging malware, phishing, and other attacks within 60 seconds of emergence!

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Call us at (415) 854-0881 or fill out the form above.

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